Netted Seas: work by Zoë Frederick & Caroline McAuliffe surveys a landscape of the ocean as woman and creator, forming alien artifacts. Departing from the romanticized histories of seafarers and women’s labor, Netted Seas assembles a collection of masks, weavings, and curiosities that piece together a new truth.

Bringing together the work of Caroline McAuliffe and Zoë Frederick, the exhibition is rooted in the archaic traditions of the sea, mythmaking, and a fascination with scavenged materials. It is a story of industry, power, and materiality. The work of McAuliffe and Frederick, connected through commonalities of material and process, solidifies and expands into an ongoing story; one that focuses on the devotional weaving of Penelope, Circe, and Helen instead of the hubris of Odysseus.

The gallery is activated by an installation of artifacts, tokens, and tracings unearthed from the sea. In the storefront window, the artists have built a collaborative altar, a space that honors the sea and her powers. Programming during the exhibition’s duration includes an open crafting circle, a beginner's weaving workshop, and a Halloween masquerade.
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